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Holly grew up on the Eastern Shore of Delaware/Maryland so she loves the beach!  She graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Religion in 1999 without paying a dime…she’s smart!  She spent 6 years working as a teacher and 3 years working in catering and event planning in Cleveland, OH where it became too cold.  She moved to sunny Charlotte, NC in August of 2009 after having 4 children in 3 years, all by the same daddy!  She grew a “Mommy & Me” group from 35 women to 125 women in months.  For 2 years she organized the group, planned outings and hosted monthly holiday parties at her home for everyone…that’s a lot of kids!  She then went on to volunteer for the PTA/PTO for her children’s school for 7 years, leading and planning events from large fundraisers, school-wide parties/events and classroom parties.  She was a nice PTA mom.  During that time, she spent 8 years heading the Social Committee for her neighborhood of 1200 residents, planning and executing 23 neighborhood events a year and 50+ Mommy & Me events and Mom’s Night Out…they called her the Fun Mayor.  All this while she planned events for private clients.  She obviously loves entertaining, all types of people and backgrounds, organizing and is a leader.

Holly likes to spend her free time going to Crossfit (the 4 kids need to know she can beat them in arm wrestling), making memories with her children, fitting in some friend time, vlogging on YouTube about her family holidays and events, training her goldendoodle to be a good boy, and creating memorable events for special people like you!  Holly likes to make everything beautiful…including her lipstick!

She’s planned all types of events from weddings across the country, baby showers, children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties, religious events, corporate events, community events, non-profit events, girl’s night out, guys night out, work out facility parties, and many more!

She loves people and would be very excited to work with you!

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