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HollyDay Farms Fishing Pond

Fee Fishing Pond in Union County, NC

Come on over and fish at my pond at HollyDay Farms!

We’re open to the public for fishing every weekend (spring, summer, fall) with no fishing license required. Check our FB page for the public hours and weather closures.

Dec. - Jan - Feb.


March - April - May

8am - 12pm

June - July - August 

7am - 11am

Sept. - Oct. - Nov.

8am - 12pm

Gates & Concessions close at closing time, but you can continue to fish until 2pm.  For times outside these pubic hours, Private Group Fishing info is available below.

My 2-acre pond is all natural and self-sustaining.  In order to continue that, we are a catch-and-release pond only.

We’ve got sunfish, crappie, largemouth bass, brim, and more!

The beautiful park like environment gives you access to a fishing dock and gazebo, a bridge to a small island, shaded areas, a porch swing, corn hole boards, a porta potty and some concessions where my kiddos will be selling beverages, snacks, bait and more!  We also have a few picnic tables and firepit area.

All we ask is for you to sign a waiver and make a donation, most people give $10 per person.  This covers the cost of keeping the pond management company and the grounds maintained.  Cash or Card are accepted.

*Kids ages 12 and under are always FREE

*Special Needs Persons are always FREE

*Our property is flat and wheelchair accessible

The waiver lets you know that you are fishing at your own risk, there’s no swimming allowed, no pets allowed, no alcohol allowed, no barbecuing, and other info that keeps everyone safe.  You can read the waiver on our facebook page.

POND HISTORY AND DEMOGRAPHICS: A lot of people ask “where” to catch certain fish in the pond so I’m going to give you loyal followers the secrets! The south side of the pond (closest to the road) is the original part of the pond which was established from 2 natural springs sometime over 60 years ago. This is the deepest and coolest part of the pond where the bass love to hang out and where all the biggest bass have been caught. The north side of the pond (closest to the house) was part of the pond expansion which happened around the year 1999-2000 by the Starnes family. This part is not as deep (8-10 feet) and stays warmer so the smaller fish like the brim, sunfish and crappie like to hang out. It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you fish from the gazebo or the island you will catch something! We have about 3000 sunfish, 2000 crappy and 400 bass in our 2-acre pond.

Hope to see you soon and happy fishing!

HollyDay Farms Address: 1712 Ruben Rd. Monroe, NC 28112

Email: hollydayfarmsnc@gmail.com

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Private Group Fishing Reservation Form

Generally we are open to the public for fishing on the weekends only.  However, if you’d like to request a time to come fish during the week, for a group of people, we can accommodate that.

  1. The group needs to be 5 or more paying guests, or a $50 minimum reservation fee.  This is for 2 hours.  If you’d like more time, let us know and we will try to accommodate.

  2. $10 per person for each additional guests, except children age 12 and under.

  3. We are catch and release only.

  4. We won’t have the concession stand open during the week unless you want to make purchases as soon as you arrive and sign your waivers and pay.

  5. The payment must be made ahead of time in order to reserve your time and make sure we have a staff member here to check you in.

  6. Email us first to make sure we have that time available.

  7. There will be no refunds; however, if it is expected to rain, you must call to reschedule within 24 hours prior to your event start time.

  8. You are welcome to bring tents/canopies to set up for your group as well as portable chairs and portable tables.  If you’d like us to provide those, please indicate that below.

  9. We do have a porta potty on site for you to use.

We hope this gives you the opportunity to make a special memory!


Local Newspaper Feature on HollyDay Farms

The Tri-W newspaper recently visited HollyDay Farms and here's their wonderful article about Holly and all that they do at her farm!



HollyDay Farms Donations

If you'd like to donate to the farm for us to continue offering public fishing, you can do so here via paypal.  Thank you so much for your support!


Day Time Picnics - 24 hour notice

Enjoy an easy picnic by the pond while you fish!  Just order 24 hours in advance and we will have it ready for you when you arrive!

Want to come to the farm and fish and not have to worry about packing a lunch for you and your family or sweetheart?  You can rely on us to make that happen for you!  We just need 24 hours notice to prepare for your order.

All of our lunches come with a bag of chips and a canned soda/water that you can pick out at our concession stand when you arrive.  We will add your subs/salads, chips and beverages to a metal bucket with a picnic blanket.  You can then pick your spot to picnic, lay down the blanket and flip the bucket over to use as a table. Then just return the blanket and bucket to us, filled with your trash, at the end.

We deliver the picnic to you!

We can set up your picnic for you!

You get to sit back and relax!

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Fire Pit Reservation Form

There’s nothing better than sitting out in the country, by a beautiful pond, under the stars, night fishing with friends all while having a roaring fire, food, drinks, music and cornhole!  

We have a great fire pit area you can rent out by the hour! It’s $30 per hour which includes the wood and a lighter. The long benches can seat 35-40 people. You can rent it out while you’re fishing and have a picnic with your family around a warm fire…OR you can rent it out in the evening (or weekdays) and Invite your friends for a fire pit, cornhole, s’mores party with night fishing, just bring your own food and drinks OR we can have that all ready for you too! We can provide a pizza night, catered meal, full bar, tables/chairs and decor, outdoor movie setup, tents, speakers and more! Fishin’, fire, friends and fun!! Please fill out this reservation form to let us know how you’d like to reserve this area.

Couple of reminders...if you reserve this during fishing hours, we do not allow alcohol to be consumed as we want to keep a peaceful and quiet setting for our guests.  If you reserve this after fishing hours, you’re welcome to bring your own food or beverages of your choice.

Also, we ask that all guests, ages 12 and over, make a $10 donation to enter the farm. The fire pit reservation is an additional $30 per hour.

There will be no refunds; however, if it is expected to rain, you must call to reschedule within 24 hours prior to your event start time.

You are welcome to bring tents/canopies to set up for your group as well as portable chairs and portable tables.  If you’d like us to provide those, please indicate that below.

There are 2 corn hole board setups next to the firepit that you are welcome to use and a porch swing that looks out over the pond.  We also have a porta potty on site for your use.

Join us for a memorable night!

Evening Fire Pit Area


Daytime Fire Pit Area


Enjoying a Fall Evening




  • Fish whenever you want and outside public fishing hours, on weekdays, nights, off-season, and year-round.  Just text a few hours before to make sure there’s no private event. 6am-10pm

  • Skip signing a waiver and having to pay each visit.

  • Receive a HollyDay Farms Member t-shirt and hat.

  • No Fishing License Required.

  • Unlimited visits throughout the year when we’re not having a private event!

  • Catch and Release Only.

  • Buy a 2022 Membership now for $250 and fish for free Nov. & Dec. of 2021 and 2022.


March $250

April $225

May $200

June $175

July $150

Aug. $125

Sept. $100

Oct. $75

Nov. $50

Dec. - Feb. 

Members Only & Private Groups Fish