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Fishing is like a live action video game!  You have to understand your opponent, where do they like to hang out, what do they eat and how do you lure them to your hook?  We offer field trip packages that will educate your kids on how to catch fish and safely use a fishing rod. Our educator will also take photos and assist the kids with their fishing. We provide tables and chairs for them to have a picnic lunch, which we can provide for an additional cost.  Email us for our packages information.


HollyDay Farms is a family owned 2-acre pond in Monroe, North Carolina. The pond is self-sustaining and contains large mouth Bass, Crappie, Brim, Green sunfish and more. 

During your child's time here with us at HollyDay Farms, they will be provided with a fishing pole and bait. They will have a 10 minute demonstration on how to fish, as well as time to practice and execute what they learned, followed by a picnic lunch that each student provides (or we can provide). $25per student.  Chaperones are free.

Field Trip Information

Upon arrival, if arriving in a small vehicle, we will have you park to your right in between the white cones and a tree. Should you arrive in a larger activity bus we will have you park in the driveway to allow space for the bus to back up safely when leaving the farm. A HollyDay Farms employee will greet you and collect all signed waivers and field trip permission slips and money. All children can be seated at the designated table where we will begin our fishing instruction. 

Each child will be given a fishing rod to use and some bait. If the child would like additional bobber, lures, hooks, spinners, bait or weights they may purchase them at our concession stand. 

After your fishing instruction and demonstration we will head towards the pond for fishing. We ask that all chaperones stay alert as this may be some children's first time fishing and most accidents happen when they are casting their line. Some children will need help removing their fish off of their line, a HollyDay Farms employee will be walking around and assisting children as needed. A HollyDay Farms employee will be walking around taking photos as well. 

After an hour of fishing we will collect everyone to come back to the table to eat their lunches. Aat are bringing their own lunches need to have everything disposable meaning brown bag lunches. We can, however, order brown bagged lunches to be here waiting for your arrival.

A trash can and hand sanitizer will be provided for the entire group. After lunch is over and cleaned up we will have everyone gather for a couple of group photos that can be shared to the chaperones. 



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