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Corporate Gift Boxes & Baskets

Need a custom gift box shipped to your clients?  Or a custom gift basket hand delivered in the Charlotte area? 
Contact us today!


Corporate Gift Boxes

In leiu of holiday events this year, corporations are opting to use their budget to send out custom gift boxes to their employees and/or clients.  I can create custom boxes with values starting at any price point!  Generally the boxes take about 10-14 days to create, purchase, package and ship.  Contact me soon to get your orders in!
This particular box included airpods, bottles of nice red and white wines and 2 bags of chocolates.



Cost Breakdown:

Contents of boxes can be at any price point.  I create a mock up to show you based on your preferences.  After approval, I shop for all the supplies and my team and I carefully pack the boxes and deliver them via Fed Ex or UPS.

Packaging Supplies: averages about $40-$50 per box

Shipping Costs: averages about $15-$20 per box

My Services: averages about $40 per box

*certain alcoholic beverages cannot be shipped to certain states.

Example: This particular box has a $220 value of content.  Packaging for the box, shredded paper and a shipping box cost $50.  The box cost $20 to ship through a licensed shipping company.  My services to make each box cost $40.  That comes out to $330 per box.

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