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EveryDay is a HollyDay Featured in TriNews Online Paper

If you live in Charlotte, NC, you should know that we have our own version of the Kentucky Derby the last Saturday of every April in Waxhaw, NC. It's a charity horse race that goes all day! You can sit on a blanket and have a picnic or you can rent a tent (b/c the event is rain or shine) and invite your friends!

I've set up a beautiful tent, or 4, for the Queen's Cup and win the "Most Creative Tent" of the entire event! This particular year I did an all white theme because it was HOT!!! Below are photos from my event that were featured in our local newspaper!

Here is a schedule of the event in case you ever want to go and enjoy this beautiful start to our spring weather!

The schedule for the day goes like this: 10:00 am Gates Open, set up our tent. 10:30 am Jack Russell Terrier Races – infield to the left 11:00 am Jockey Course Walk – meet at finish line 11:45 am Opening Ceremonies, Bagpipes , walking of the hounds – at finish line 11:50 am Judging of Hat Contest - infield 12:00 pm Judging of Tailgate Contest *Hope we win again!!! We'll eat lunch after they see our tent. 1:30 pm 1st Race – Rob Tidwell is in charge of the horse betting for our tents. 2:05pm 2nd Race, 2:15pm Tent Winners Announced 2:40pm 3rd Race 3:15pm 4th Race - Queen’s Cup MPC ‘Chase 3:45 pm Raffle Drawing 4:00pm 5th Race 4:15 pm The Annual Hot Walk Party Live Band / Dancing / Free Desserts under the big tent till 7pm. 7:00

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